Education begins with a sense of belonging. At G.S. Jangid there are two hostel blocks – one each for the boys and the girls. The blocks are spacious with a fulfilling flow of light and air. Each room is spacious enough to accomodate students. The hostel blocks are conveniently located on either side of the cafeteria so that students can just walk across.

Amenities are detailed to be at par with international hostels. House parents are in charge of the hostels - they supervise the requirements of the students, ensuring apt time-management and monitoring their games and outings.

Security of the campus is maintained at highest level with security guards. They ensure that no student leaves the campus without authorised permission and instructions from the concerned authority.

Boarding at G.S Jangid

The boarding at G.S. Jangid provides each student with a supportive family environment – a ‘home away from home’, where he or she could feel immediately happy and secure. Qualities such as kindness and consideration towards others, respect for other children's space and belongings, the desire to learn from one another’s cultures, and to give one’s best in the pursuit of success are what we look to identify and inculcate in our students. We believe that with these life skills they will be equipped to deal with the demands of day to day hurdles. To ensure that these qualities are attained by individual students, we have the presence of House parents, and a nurse living in the hostel, who gives supreme importance to our boarders in all aspects of boarding life including pastoral care, health and safety, as boarding life is rigorous and full of activities.


Both weekly and yearly boarding programs are available. The boarding, which is designed for students in all grades, has an excellent, modern accommodation with a family-style atmosphere. Boys and girls are accommodated in the two separate buildings with the cafeteria in the center.

Rooms are designed to be occupied by students of the same age/grade. Furnishings for all rooms are of high standard and include beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, lights, fans, bookshelves. Each section of the boarding house has an accommodation for house-parents, affording easy accessibility between students and staff. The boarding is equipped with the Wi Fi to assist students to keep up with their school work, but it is shut down at sleep time.


The dining area and kitchen at G.S. Jangid are of the highest standards and is very well-equipped. We have very experienced kitchen staff, who prepares full meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kitchen operates a two week rotational menu. All day- scholar, boarders, faculty and support staff are expected to take all meals, the food service is buffet style. All meals are supervised by the house-parents and/or faculty. Once a student finishes his / her meal they are expected to put their plates and cutlery to the washing window.

Medical Care

The boarding has a full-time, always available medical nurse to take special care of the health and diet of our boarders; If a boarder is in need of further medical attention upon advice of the nurse, the boarder is taken to the hospital for special care and parents / guardians are informed immediately.


All boarders are expected to handed in their laundry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it would be washed / ironed and returned the following laundry day. For easy identification of clothes it is preferred that all students mark their names with a waterproof marker.

Expectations from students at G.S Jangid

We expect our students to maintain and encourage high standards of personal conduct. These include honesty, discipline, integrity, respect and consideration, ethics and values. Students who accept a position at G.S. Jangid commit to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle: The following are expected:

  • To protect and promote the sanctity of the boarding and school.
  • To safeguard and preserve boarding and school property.
  • To be responsible in the individual’s properties.
  • To maintain cleanliness in the boarding rooms and also help in making an ecologically “green” boarding school.
  • To attend and maintain the dignity and sanctity of the boarding school briefings.
  • To attend regularly all boarding activities.
  • To follow the instructions given in the boarding school by the boarding staff.
  • To uphold the dignity of the boarding school programmes by organizing, participating and helping.
  • Students should speak softly and only in English while in boarding school.
  • Students should behave responsibly towards others and friends.
  • Students should be dressed appropriately all the time while they are in the boarding house and when leaving the campus.
  • Follows us our servcies