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  • Science Quiz

    The very interesting competition was Science Quiz as students participated this enthusiastically and were so excited to perform it. Intelligent questions were asked and intelligent answers were given by the students. It helped the students in alerting their mind and taking quick decision.

    Added On::19,Feb-2015
  • Table Tennis Match

    Sports activity has their own importance which needed both skills physical and mental along with mental alertness. It is compulsory to be active in our work so to keep the students active and fit. We used to organise some sports activities also so the very first activity we started with Table-Tennis.

    Added On::12,Jan-2015
  • Advertisement Making

    For the overall development of students we use to conduct various competitions. To bring the day-to-day activities in their touch it is necessary to go through every path so advertiseent is a thing which is a familiar thing among students through this activity they learnt a lot, like putting their ideas, bringing creative things performing art and designing in different manner students brought many innovate ideas.

    Added On::19,Dec-2014
  • Express Yourself

    Competitions are meant for revealing the inner talent of students. As we saw, the competition on "Express Yourself" by the students of class I to V helped them to express themselves and show their hidden talent. The way we polish the stone to make it more shiny.

    Added On::11,Nov-2014
  • Group Dance Competition

    Dance and music is the one of the most interesting and favourite activity of most of the students. Students like to spend their time with this, as it keeps away from stress. So to utilize this habit we organised a Group Dance Competition in school. All the students participated with great zeal and interest.

    Added On::17,August-2014
  • Mehandi Competition

    Every person having their own different talent. To know their various fields we used to conduct every type of activity. So to find out the talent of Mehandi designing is taken out from this competition. There were so many hidden talents in the school. They all were brought up and appreciated.

    Added On::27,July-2014
  • Inter House Collage Making Competition

    Along with individual development this is our duty to develop the spirit of team work. To bring this in process we arranged College Making Competition. For which there were four groups and same topic was given to all of them. "Wastage of Food" the present scenario in our country. Its a topic think on it. Students came to know about the importance of food. When they collected material decided not to waste food. So our moto was to bring the thoughts out from their minds and hearts. To make them realise their duties and work. And this activity helped us a lot in this.

    Added On::12,July-2014
  • General Quiz

    Learning is part of our life. We learn the things in all over own life. And to makes this habit we used to update our students in all the fields so to check them time to time we organised some quiz rounds also. In which the very first was "General Quiz". To make the students aware of general things, what they should know students gave answers and shows their intelligence. Their answers were really appreciable. Through this activity we were able to update them with current affairs.

    Added On::25,Jun-2014
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