• Health

    School firmly believes in the proverb "Health is Wealth". The school has a wellequipped Medical room with a full-time qualified doctor and trained nurses. First aid is provided during school hours as and when necessary. The school conducts regular check-ups of the students during the academic year. Cooperation of parents is sought to ensure the health and hygiene of the children.

    • Parents are requested to ┬Čll up the Medical Card in the Almanac.
    • All parents are requested to impart health education to their children so that they:-
    • Maintain personal hygiene like: trimming of nails, regular haircuts, etc.
    • Sleep 8 hours a day.
    • Exercise daily.
    • Have a balanced diet.
    • Drink water which is either boiled or filtered.
    • Avoid consumption of ice-creams, other milk products and eatables from roadside vendors.
  • Follows us our servcies