School Life

  • School Life

    Living together in harmony and adjusting to the strictly structured living conditions of a student community is one of life's great learning opportunities in itself. It has been known to develop a strong sense of independence and self confidence along with other good qualities in children exposed to boarding life. All aspects such as food, clothes, personal hygiene and pastoral support are provided under the care of a committed team of specially trained and experienced personnel.

    This school places a premium on health and safety factors; hence every care is taken to provide a protective environment within the school environment within the premises. To provide a break in the monotony and add variety to their life experience, we arrange to take the children on city tours and excursions as often as possible.


    'Travel is the best teacher' and therefore the school regularly conducts various recreational and educational tours and excursions to the places of cultural, scientific, historical and religious. The tours are planned meticulously taking all possible precautions for their safety.

    Music and Dance

    We have a well equipped and perfectly laid out music- room for our budding musicians to wash away from their soul the of dust of everyday life and is rejuvenating. The house choir groups both Indian and western, under the guidance of specialized teachers perform regularly during morning assembly and on various special and cultural occasions to the accompaniment of the school orchestra to add color to the student's campus life. The school endeavors to shape the all-around personality of the students by offering manifold opportunities for participation in various co-curricular activities and a wide range of hobbies such as drawing, painting, dramatics music and dance, social work and community service.

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